Healing Through Forgiveness

Healing Through Forgiveness

  • Features You Want In Counseling Management Software

    Upgrading your counseling private practice's management software is an opportunity to take your practice to the next level. Each year brings excellent improvements that help make your practice easier to run. If you haven't upgraded in a long time, try to find these features because they will make it a lot easier for you and your staff to handle day-to-day operations in the office. Continuing Education You need to get your continuing education credits each year, but getting those can be disruptive to your practice -- unless you enlist the help of your management software.

  • 3 Tips For Developing A Threat Assessment Plan

    School and workplace violence incidents are rare but realistic concerns. Developing a threat assessment plan can make it easier to identify potential threats and act accordingly if problems arise. Understand Behavioral Profiling You should work with psychologists and law enforcement to understand the use of profiling individuals who are most likely to act in a violent manner. Behavioral profiling may consist of using previous cases of school or workplace violence to identify behavioral patterns that might be cause for alarm.

  • The Top 4 Mistakes Inventors Make With Their Patents

    Inventing a product is hard -- but protecting it may be even harder. If you have a fantastic product that you've invented, the first thing you want to do isn't to get investors . . . it's to get a patent. Getting a patent is important to product your intellectual property; without it, you have no product to sell. 1. Failing to Investigate First It's a sad fact that most things have already been thought of before.

  • How To Make Counseling More Comfortable For Your Grieving Child

    Whether due to a divorce, a death in the family, a lost pet, or any other traumatic experience, counseling can help your child get through the pain and suffering they're going through. Therapy can help them cope with stress and teach them some new problem-solving skills to enable them to overcome their grief and build a happy, healthy life as time goes on. But the idea and process of going to counseling and talking to a perceived stranger can be difficult for kids at first, so it's important to make sure they feel comfortable and will utilize the help they're getting with an open mind.

  • Tips for Dealing With Your Teen's Misbehavior

    Being a teenager can be a rough time. There are a lot of bodily changes that can cause teens' hormones to get out of whack, making it difficult for them to make good decisions. Teens feel every emotion much more strongly than adults, leading them to make impulsive, extreme decisions that do not fit the severity of the actual situation. All of this can cause a teen to commit crimes, get violently angry, or other problematic situations.

  • About Me

    Healing Through Forgiveness

    A few years ago, I had a terrible disagreement with my mother-in-law. For several months, I didn’t speak to my husband’s mom. The bitterness I felt toward this woman was overwhelming. Thankfully, I decided to forgive her for the things she said and did to me. After I made this choice, I felt relieved and happier. Are you struggling to forgive someone? Consider making an appointment with a reputable counselor near you. This professional can help you sort through your feelings of resentment towards the other person. On this blog, I hope you will discover the numerous emotional issues counselors help clients successfully deal with.