Healing Through Forgiveness

Healing Through Forgiveness

The Top 4 Mistakes Inventors Make With Their Patents

by Kurt Garrett

Inventing a product is hard -- but protecting it may be even harder. If you have a fantastic product that you've invented, the first thing you want to do isn't to get investors . . . it's to get a patent. Getting a patent is important to product your intellectual property; without it, you have no product to sell.

1. Failing to Investigate First

It's a sad fact that most things have already been thought of before. A simple patent search -- and there's one available online -- will often reveal very similar products to your own. It's important to complete both a preliminary and a professional patent search before you seek to patent your item. That way if you're already intruding upon someone else's patent you can modify your own designs before applying.

2. Not Acquiring a Professional Patent Service

Patents are very difficult to apply for. They are extremely complex and need to be formulated correctly to be approved. Rather than trying to draw out your patent yourself, it's better to get a professional patent service. A professional patent service isn't going to steal your product -- if they did, they'd be swiftly out of a job. Instead, they'll make it easier to get a patent faster.

3. Demonstrating Your Item Before Creating a Patent

Once you've demonstrated an item in public, the clock begins to tick. You have 12 months to get a patent from then on. If you don't file for a patent within this time, you forfeit your right to your product: it has become something that is public use. Usually you want to keep your invention fairly discrete until you are ready to actually acquire a patent, potential investors included.

4. Selling Too Soon Before Acquiring a Patent

Many products are sold "patent pending," and this can give an inventor a false sense of security. In fact, you need to get a patent within twelve months of selling your product. If you start selling your product before you're prepared to file for and defend a patent, you could end up forfeiting your patent entirely.

Because it's so easy to make a mistake in the world of patenting, it becomes imperative for inventors to seek third-party counseling services. These services will guide an inventor through the complicated process of patenting -- in addition to advising them on the best ways to market their product. Otherwise an inventor could easily see their product snatched away from them before they even make a profit. For more information, contact a business such as Inventor coach Brian Fried.


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Healing Through Forgiveness

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