Healing Through Forgiveness

Healing Through Forgiveness

4 Telehealth Services For Transgender People Seeking Counseling

by Kurt Garrett

Coming out as transgender isn't always easy. Many people struggle to come to terms with their gender identity, especially if the people around them are unsupportive. Whether you have recently come out or you have been in the process of transition for some time, a therapist can help. Here are some services that therapists who offer telehealth transgender counseling services can provide:

1. Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is a counseling technique used to help people work through their problems and emotions. Counselors who provide assistance to transgender people are knowledgeable about the challenges commonly faced by this demographic. Telehealth counseling can enable you to receive talk therapy confidentially and conveniently. You can talk to your counselor on the phone or on a video chat app in order to receive support, advice, and professional insight into the things that trouble you.

2. Hormone Therapy

Medical transition is not necessary for all transgender people. However, some people feel that medical transition can help them become their most authentic selves. Hormone therapy is a common first step, although some people choose it as their only step toward medical transition. Hormone therapy is the introduction of testosterone or estrogen into the body to stimulate the growth of secondary sex characteristics associated with a person's gender identity. Psychiatrists can prescribe hormone therapy through a telehealth transgender counseling app. Even psychologists can provide assistance by providing a referral for patients, allowing them to seek gender-affirming care from a prescribing doctor.

3. Gender-Affirming Care

Many transgender people suffer from gender dysphoria, which may manifest as discomfort with their body or pronouns associated with their birth sex. Gender-affirming care is one way to reduce feelings of dysphoria. When you sign up for telehealth transgender counseling, you can rest assured that your identity will be respected every step of the way. Your counselor will affirm your gender identity so you can address problems in counseling sessions without fear of being misgendered or misunderstood.

4. Relationship Counseling

Coming out as transgender can have an impact on your relationships. Your partner or spouse may have concerns about what your transition means for them. They may be supportive or unsupportive, and they will likely need to process their own feelings. Some telehealth counselors can provide relationship counseling for clients. Single sessions can help you talk through your feelings with family members and romantic partners. Telehealth counselors can act as mediators to ensure that everyone is heard and that everyone's feelings are respected during the discussion process.

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Healing Through Forgiveness

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