Healing Through Forgiveness

Healing Through Forgiveness

Benefits Of Ibogaine Treatments

by Kurt Garrett

Ibogaine is a substance that is extracted from Iboga, a shrub found in Western Central Africa. The West Africans traditionally used the shrub to celebrate certain religious practices since they believed its psychedelic properties led to spiritual clarity. They also used ibogaine's healing properties to treat ailments like fevers and maintain general wellness. Since the mid-20th century, ibogaine treatment has been prevalent globally, with several countries like New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, and Portugal decriminalizing its use. Here are some benefits of ibogaine treatment.

It Helps Deal With Drug Withdrawal and Addiction

The discontinuation of drug use is accompanied by withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, shivering, sweating, nausea, and vomiting. These symptoms make it difficult for people to quit their addiction since they usually continue abusing drugs to eliminate these withdrawal symptoms. However, those suffering from these withdrawal symptoms can benefit from ibogaine treatment. The treatment can reduce the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms due to its anesthetic properties, thus helping drug addicts detox. It allows these drug addicts to commence their sobriety. The ibogaine treatment also reduces one's desire to ingest drugs because it influences the patient's neural pathways, helping drug addicts maintain a drug-free lifestyle. In addition, these treatments are more effective with established addiction treatments like methadone and buprenorphine, leading to fewer treatment sessions.

It Has Various Reflective Benefits

When ingested in specific quantities, ibogaine has hallucinogenic effects that result in users reliving past events and experiences. The hallucinations provide users with a different point of view on their past decisions and how they contributed to their present situation. A counselor or psychologist can use ibogaine treatment to guide patients through their behavioral patterns and help them modify their bad behaviors. Ibogaine treatment also helps those with mental health challenges, like depression, and allows the therapist to formulate treatment methods that benefit the patients. The insights gained after these treatments will also guide patients through personal reflection and contribute towards behavioral change. 

It Has a Stimulating Effect

Ibogaine also has a stimulating effect when used in specific doses. Ibogaine can stimulate neurotransmitters to increase mental awareness and boost muscular activity and stamina. Ibogaine treatment helps patients concentrate and ensure they are focused on the task at hand. Medical practitioners can also prescribe the treatment to men with problems achieving sexual arousal to help improve their reproductive lifestyles to repair their relationships. Going for this treatment is worthwhile since it benefits the body in many ways.

For more information about ibogaine treatment, contact a local company. 


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Healing Through Forgiveness

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