Healing Through Forgiveness

Healing Through Forgiveness

How Are Substance Abuse Clinics Making A Difference For Addicted Teens?

by Kurt Garrett

Addiction to different substances can occur at any age. Many teenagers struggle with substance abuse. They may have initially started using these substances to fit in with the crowd while being encouraged to use drugs or consume alcohol by people in their lives. When the parents notice that their teen has a substance abuse problem, they may want to do anything possible to get professional help for their child. Substance abuse clinics for teenagers are available to help them understand the problem, identify the issues leading to substance abuse, and make changes to overcome the situation.

Providing Therapy

The substance abuse centers for teens are known for providing different forms of therapy to help teens with their addiction. Behavioral therapy is one common type of therapy provided at these clinics. The purpose of behavioral therapy is to better understand the teen's actions and way of thinking while helping the individual learn how to better cope with stress and triggers that can often lead to substance abuse. Along with behavioral therapy, teens may participate in individual therapy where they can express themselves and group therapy where they can talk to a counselor and other teens who are going through some of the same issues.

Assisting with the Detox

Just like adults with substance abuse problems, teens who are addicted to different substances will need to go through a detox period. During this time, they might go through many emotions while experiencing side effects that are not always easy to handle. However, the counselors and other medical professionals at the substance abuse clinic are there to assist while creating the most comfortable environment possible for each teen who is going through this phase. Medication may be provided to help ease some of the side effects for the teens as they start to get these substances out of their system.

Teaching Life Skills Through Activities

The substance abuse clinics for teens may provide numerous activities in which individuals can learn new life skills that are great to have when they leave the clinic and need to get back to everyday life. These are some of the activities that the teens might get to engage in while they are staying at the clinic:

  • Cooking Courses
  • GED Classes
  • Job Interview Training
  • Resume Building
  • Volunteer Work

The objective is to occupy these teenagers and show them that there is so much more to life than the substances they were heavily dependent on.

Teens can struggle with substance abuse. If your teen is addicted to alcohol or certain drugs, they should spend time at a substance abuse clinic for teens where they can receive the guidance they need to get sober.


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Healing Through Forgiveness

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