Healing Through Forgiveness

Healing Through Forgiveness

Why Get Counseling For Pot Smoking?

by Kurt Garrett

You don't consider marijuana as dangerous as other drugs, but the fact remains that the drug is illegal on a federal level, even if pot is allowed in some states for medicinal or recreational use. You smoke marijuana on a regular basis and don't feel the substance interferes with your ability to raise your family, go to work, or meet your financial needs.

Still, substance abuse does pertain to smoking marijuana, and while you feel the drug is harmless, you should consider getting substance abuse treatment for your addiction. Here are reasons why you should get counseling for smoking pot.

You learn why you smoke pot in the first place

Pot is a mood-altering and mind-altering drug. This means, whenever you smoke marijuana, your state of mind is changed to a false sense of reality. You feel euphoric or calm, or in some cases, even paranoid. The way pot makes people feel when ingested varies from person to person and even depends on what strain or type of marijuana is used.

Since pot is used largely for how it makes you feel you need to understand just why you smoke pot in the first place. A counselor will help you come to terms with this type of drug addiction: do you smoke pot because it makes your body ache less? So you can sleep at night? Do you smoke marijuana so you can feel more relaxed from the stresses of your day? Addiction to any type of substance, including alcohol, is often linked to different issues with a person's mental state that need to be addressed.

You learn how your habits hurt you

While you don't feel like there are any health issues with smoking marijuana, there are many negative ways your habit is hurting you. First of all, you learn how smoking marijuana affects your relationships with your family and friends. You also learn how smoking pot can get you in trouble with the law. Furthermore, there are health risks with smoking pot you should know about. A professional drug abuse counselor will be able to help guide you through why smoking pot is physically and mentally bad for you.

You learn how to make better choices

Smoking marijuana is a habit you can stop, but you often need professional help to do so. Your drug counselor will help you learn new ways to cope with life in general so you make wiser choices for your body and mind.


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