Healing Through Forgiveness

Healing Through Forgiveness

Admitting These Inconvenient Truths Can Help You To Succeed In Marriage Counseling

by Kurt Garrett

Achieving success in any type of therapy, including marriage counseling, requires honesty. Although honesty might come easy in some regards, you might sometimes have trouble being honest when you know that bringing up your truth might not go over well. Try to not worry about how your spouse will react. If he or she overreacts, the marriage counselor will be quick to get the situation under control. Sharing your inconvenient truths might initially be difficult, but is important for building a stronger relationship in the long term. Here are some things that you should admit if they're true.

You Want To Be Right

Although most people want to be right to a certain degree, it can be an issue if you feel the need to be right in every single situation. This desire can prevent you from seeing things through your spouse's eyes and even admitting that you understand why he or she did something or said something a certain way. You may wish to replace your strong desire to be right with a strong desire to share your truth, even if it's a difficult one that you're not initially proud about.

You Feel Like The Parent Or The Child

In a relationship, it's often the case that one person has a dominant personality and the other has a submissive personality. Although this dynamic can work a lot of the time, it can also grate on your nerves — even if you don't want to admit it. For example, you might feel like the parent, always telling your spouse when to get ready, what to do, and more. Or, you might feel resentful because you feel you're treated like a child, always being told how to behave and so on. Sharing this sentiment can open a lot of doors for communication, even if doing so might initially be difficult.

You Sometimes Regret Having Children

Parents are often under pressure to always be thrilled about parenthood — but the reality is that you may sometimes wish that you weren't a parent. You might avoid sharing this sentiment because you think that your spouse will see you as an unfit parent, but it doesn't mean that you don't love being a parent. It just means that sometimes, the challenges of parenthood get the better of you. Sharing this inconvenient truth can help to improve the communication between you and your spouse, which may be one of your central goals of counseling. Contact a counseling service, like Andrea Brandt Therapy, for help.


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Healing Through Forgiveness

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