Healing Through Forgiveness

Healing Through Forgiveness

Tips for Choosing a Career

by Kurt Garrett

If you are thinking about going to college or going back to college in order to learn something that will allow you to enter a new career, there is a good chance that you want to be sure that you find something that is going to be personally fulfilling to you, as well as give you enough money to survive and not be constantly stressed about finances. Here are some tips for figuring out what career you want to go into.

1. Look at the Job Market

If you have absolutely no idea what you want to do, the first action you should take is to look at the job market, specifically the top paying jobs and the jobs that are speculated to grow the most in the next five to ten years. This is important because you want to make sure that you are able to get a job that is going to be employed and be able to get paid. Calculate how much you think that you would like to make every year, on average. Go through the list of the jobs and see which ones you might be interested, starting at the best-paying and ending at the bare minimum amount of money that you think you'll need to survive.

If you do know what you want to do, see what the projected earnings for that job are going to be and whether or not that job is projected to grow. If it is not projected to grow, see how many people with degree are unemployed. This will give you a decent idea as to whether or not this job choice is going to be realistic. For example, being a professional violin player requires a lot of practice and competition in order to beat out everyone else that is vying for the same few jobs. If you are one of the best violin players in the world, then you should definitely take a shot at this job. If you are not one of the best violin players and are not sure if you're going to get to that point, you might want to tack on a second major that will definitely ensure that you will be employed.

2. Look at Your Hobbies

You might be disappointed to find that your dream job of urban farming or violin playing might not be as viable as you would prefer. You might need to take on a second major or switch majors to a career path that has a higher employment rate and a higher pay scale. This will allow you to be comfortable in your life. However, you might not be as happy at this job. When you are considering this, look at your hobbies and how fulfilling they are. If you think that it would be worth it to make a lot of money so that you could support your hobbies and that doing your hobbies on the weekend would allow you to get through the week, then go for a less satisfying career path that has a good employment rate and a high pay scale.

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Healing Through Forgiveness

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