Healing Through Forgiveness

Healing Through Forgiveness

Why a Smaller Therapy Group Can Be Ideal

by Kurt Garrett

If you're looking for a therapy group to join, it's important to think about the different sizes of groups that are offered through local counseling clinics. Therapy groups can range in size, which can make for drastically different experiences for their members. Many factors can influence how you select the right therapy group for your needs, but group size is important to think about. If you're leaning toward choosing a smaller group, here are some things that you'll appreciate about it.

More Chances to Speak

One of the main advantages of choosing a smaller therapy group is that you'll likely have more opportunities to speak. For example, if you're in a group with four members and your sessions are an hour in length, it's reasonable to expect that you'd have more chances to share your thoughts throughout the hour than if you were in a group with nine members. While listening to others speak in your group therapy sessions is certainly valuable, you always want to feel that there's an opportunity to share your thoughts as they come up. In general, you'll find that this is easier in a smaller group.

Higher Level of Comfort

Most people feel some degree of discomfort about speaking in front of a large group, and this may be something to keep in mind as you look for a therapy group. If you were to join a larger group, it's possible that you could feel a little uncomfortable about talking. Conversely, you might feel better about sharing your thoughts when the group is smaller. Being able to communicate openly is critical to the therapy process, so if you feel that a smaller group would be conducive to you speaking comfortably, this can be a good environment for you.

Easier to Develop Connections

You may also feel that choosing a smaller therapy group makes it easier for you to form connections with your peers. This can especially be true if you have an introverted personality. For example, in a large group, it can be tempting to try to stay anonymous to some degree. However, this is obviously more difficult in a smaller group. Even if it's a little challenging to attempt to form connections with those around you, doing so can be rewarding in the long run. In doing so, you'll get more support from people at a time that you likely need it. Browse the internet to find a small therapy group in your area that can help you with your specific issue.

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Healing Through Forgiveness

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